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Location: Based in Vancouver, BC

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Our usual terms of payments are 50-50
We take 50% before the start our project, before starting pre-production and the remaining 50% before starting the post-production, right after the film production day. If you have a specific requirement please let us know and we can tailor a payment plan for you. 

Depends on a lot of variables but roughly 2-8 weeks


So far we have produced corporate videos, commercials, branded documentaries, product commercials, corporate documentaries, keynote presentations, music videos and testimonial videos. All of these categories have one thing in common - storytelling and thats what we always focus on. So please reach out if you have a project in mind that doesn't fit these categories. 

Yes, with the current landscape of technology and business we are able to shoot anywhere in the world and have a remote team from all around the world. We've currently shot projects in the US, Costa Rica, Mexico and locally(Canada).

No, we're past that phase! Unless it's a project for Space X or NBA. 

We approach film production from a branding perspective, which means the content needs to be branded and marketed on appropriate channels. We have a creative team that can tackle your branding manual, social media management, photography and internal video edits. Please reach out to discuss these services in details. 

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